Always know the business Rhythm!

Visualize the key growth metrics that will allow you and your team to keep a pulse on the pace of your sales machine and its effectiveness to execute against your corporate goals.

Multiple Data Sources
Measure the entire plan and not just the pipeline. Out of the box integrations can pull data from a variety of systems including CRM systems, HR Systems and Finance Systems.

Campaign to Renewal
Pre-built dashboards help you measure the success of your entire customer engagement lifecycle from campaign to renewals.

Continuous Measurements
The platform performs regular syncs with your transactional systems to keep a continuous tab on your performance against plan.

Collaborative Forecasting
Collaborate with various stakeholders across the company to maintain an accurate forecast of performance against targets. Collaborate on both the tops down and bottom up plans to ensure a "closer to the pin" performance!



Out of the Box Decision Centers that provide role based metrics that measure your business


The platform provides the necessary software components, workflows, validation rules and other general Data Hygiene best practices to be instrumented in your Lead to Renewal processes.
Enrich data using built in integration with Owler data services!


Monitor the key growth metrics that show the efficacy of your sales processes. Drive alignment between stakeholders across the organization- CRO, VP of Sales, Finance and Sales Operations.
Out of the box metrics help you align your sales goals and targets to Industry comparables.