Manage the Motion of the sales team effortlessly!

Make reps more productive by automating processes related to data hygiene, movement within the sales teams and standardizing process related to sales support.

Automate Lead to Renewal provides out of the box, configurable set of workflows to automate your entire lead to renewal process flow. We've templatized best practices into a managed package that installs on your CRM for quick time to value.

Data Hygiene
The platform automatically scores the quality of your data and provides a variety of tools and solutions to handle the toughest of data quality problems such as Data enrichment, Account hierarchies and even dashboards for your sales reps to "Clean their Room" reminders.

Roles and Assignments
Selling is a team sport. Setup the rules to have automatically make sure that your sales team is assigned the right accounts, leads, opportunities, subscriptions and other CRM objects.

Instrument for Rhythm
Our software automatically instruments your CRM instance to capture the necessary details to ensure you can measure your business. Trust the data in your CRM to make decisions!


Lead to Renewal Process automation

Automate the lead to renewal process and track the efficacy of the process to identify conversion rates, choke points and other inefficiencies in your sales process.


Data Quality

  • Police data quality with automatic data quality scores for your key data within the CRM.
  • Clean your Room dashboards to ensure your sales teams are keeping an eye on bad data. Automated sweeps and notifications of bad or missing data to take action on.
  • Enrich data from


Managing Moves, Adds
and Changes

Automate the ongoing moves, adds and changes of accounts, territories and CRM processes to support an evolving sales team.